Welcome to MPCDF webservices


In order to use the instances of this webservice, first click on the instance-link on the frontpage.
If no such link exist, the webservice might be hidden and you need to ask your responsible admin for the direct URL.

If your service is allowed for anonymous users, you are directly forwarded to it,
otherwise you need to authenticate first.
You can set the other authentication mechanisms once you logged in.

If anonymous access is allowed you can log in hovering the mouse over the MPCDF-logo at the upper right.
So, in a, e.g. elog it would look like (click to enlarge): login from within a webservice
Other services might look different, but just look out for the MCPDF-logo which slides in on hovering.

Logging in

The actual login page then looks like (click to enlarge): login multiplexer

Depending on the webservice, one or more authentication mechanisms are available to you.
The page should be fairly self-explanatory, but
when logging in the first time, only password (and gsskrb5-authentication,
if you have a Kerberos password for MPCDF) is available to you.
You can set the other authentication mechanisms once you logged in.

Adjusting your login-methods

Once logged in, you can adjust your settings also by clicking on the MPCDF-Logo sliding in.
In an e.g. elog, it should look like (click to enlarge): login multiplexer

This gets you either directly to the modification page or first to an intermediate page:

where you can choose if to logout, go back or modify your account settings: manage Overview

The account settings page itself looks like (click to enlarge): manage Account
If you don't know how what to type in for you credentials,
just press the "auto-detect" link of the respective login-method,
authenticate yourself and then confirm the new login-method
with your current password.

Managing an instance

If you are in the lucky position to be a webservice manager,
you can configure your user-base when following the link
"manage instance", in the intermediate page just before log-out.

The page itself should be self-explanatory.
The only thing is that first you add all action to an "Action-list"
and then execute them in one go by giving your password. Only people registered at MPCDF are allowed to be admins.
In case of any more questions or problems, do not ask our helpdesk